At Spie batignolles, our people are central to everything we do


Trust, attentiveness, openness, cross-disciplinarity, creativity and the expression of talent: these are the six fundamental human resources values we live by at Spie batignolles.
Totally unlike traditional operating policies, our human resources policy puts people at the heart of the company and everything it does. That's the greatest strength of Spie batignolles. It's also our greatest asset, because it enables the emergence of new skills and new ways of working.


The human resources priorities at Spie batignolles


- To offer our people a high-quality working environment in terms of health, safety, quality of working life and training
- To share and enhance the culture of our business through the Spie batignolles Academy
- To offer a broad range of professional career paths and to give everyone genuine prospects for career development
- To recruit new skills and promote equality in the workplace
- To help young people into the world of work through a strong commitment to internship
- To encourage the emergence of new ideas throughout the business, because we recognise that new ways of thinking and working are the triggers for progress