The executive & management Committees

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee defines Group strategy and supervises its implementation. It acts as the decision-making body governing the general management of the Group.

  • Jean-Charles Robin, Chairman of the Executive Board
  • Stéphane Monceaux, Executive Board Member, CEO Civil Engineering and Groundworks, International development
  • Patrick Zulian, Executive Board Member, CEO Construction Ile-de-France regions and Energy


  • Franck Ailloud, CEO Spie batignolles immobilier
  • Jean-Charles Andréoli, CEO Spie fondations
  • Philippe Baduel, Director of Human Resources
  • Philippe Bamas, CEO Spie batignolles nord
  • Eric Blanc, CEO Outarex
  • Pascal Chapouil, CEO Spie batignolles énergie
  • Émile Chébib, CEO SPR
  • Philippe Donguy, CEO Spie batignolles sud-est
  • Thierry Le Friant, CEO Malet and Valérian
  • André Leyder, Chief financial officer
  • François Maillard, Development Director
  • Jacques Messicat, Deputy Director Spie SCGPM
  • Benoît Moncade, CEO Spie batignolles TPCI
  • Olivier Ribereau-Gayon, CEO Construction french Régions
  • Benoît Thiéblin, CEO Spie batignolles concessions