Entreprise Malet


Malet operates all over France in its specialist area of road construction. It operates a network of 30 branches and subsidiary companies, as well as a Major Projects Division based in Poitiers and Nice.

ENTREPRISE MALET is structured into three specialist skills areas:
  • public works, with the emphasis on pavements, all types of roadway, excavation and pipelines
  • quarries and recycling centres for the production of aggregates
  • the road surfacing materials production and application industry
The Entreprise Malet Major Projects Division undertakes major national road infrastructure projects, including 2X2 carriageway widening, 2X3 carriageway widening and motorway construction.
Since its inception, Entreprise Malet has developed a network of branches and public works subsidiary companies providing a full range of services, from road and other surfaced route construction to excavation, pipelines and contracted maintenance.
This network is structured into four major regions:
  • Garonne Ariège
  • Nord Midi-Pyrénées
  • Méditerranée
  • Atlantique
This company is also involved in deconstruction and asbestos removal (Decutis), resin application (Département Résines) and road surface repair (Gremair)
Its Testing and Research Laboratory is the focus for the company’s research, design, support, inspection, studies, testing and analysis facilities. 

Key figures

1700 employees
Revenue of €305 million in 2010

30 locations in southern east and west of France  & a Major Projects Division





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