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Spie batignolles Concessions operates in two distinct areas of public service outsourcing: parking concessions through Autocité, and water park concessions through Aquaval. From funding to design, construction, operation and expansion, our success has been built on understanding the challenges of your local authority and delivering the levels of wellbeing expected by the public.
The Spie batignolles Concessions Autocité brand provides delegated management of parking services.
  • more than 40 car parks under management
  • 1 tour coach station
  • 3 road systems under management
  • Operating teams providing 200 full-time equivalent jobs
Spie Autocité has grown to become the Paris Region’s third-largest private car park operator, serving more than 14,000 annual permit holders and more than 3 million pay-as-you-go users.
Under its Aquaval brand, Spie batignolles Concessions provide specialist management of water parks:
  • 3 water parks currently in operation, and 1 under construction
  • more than 70 staff (swimming coaches, sports coaches, etc.)
Key figures for 2010 across all operations:
  • more than 445,000 admissions
  • more than 5,000 season-ticket holders
  • more than 50,000 school students receiving swimming tuition

Key figures

152 employees

Revenue of €28,8 million in 2010




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