Spie batignolles sud-est

Spie batignolles sud-est provides expert services at every project phase, regardless of project size. From design to completion, and from new-build to the restructuring of an existing site or straightforward building maintenance, our ability to match the appropriate resources with good project management is what allows us to deliver on all our budget, lead time and quality commitments.

Our organisational structure

The 460 employees of Spie batignolles Sud-Est cover an area that extends from Burgundy to the Mediterranean coast.

Our organisational structure brings together:

The power of three Regional Divisions and one Painting Division, all of which operate from bases close to their customers in Lyon, Chambéry and Avignon, and each of which has two or three local branches to provide comprehensive coverage of the region.

The following powerful resources are centralised and shared to cover all our local areas:
  • a projects department
  • an operational performance department
  • a sales and marketing department

Our specialist skills areas

The skills offered by Spie batignolles Sud-Est serve a broad range of business segments:
  • industrial buildings and projects
  • healthcare facilities (clinics, nursing homes, disability centres, retirement homes, etc.)
  • hotels and holiday developments
  • community facilities (water parks, car parks, gondola lifts, etc.)
  • environmental services facilities, including waste water treatment plants


Spie batignolles sud-est also operates a subsidiary company called Tondella Peinture, which specialises in the internal and external painting of every type of new-build or refurbishment project (including the application of external insulation).


Our certifications

  • Recognised certifications
    ISO 9001

  • AFNOR QUAL/1997/6903i certification

    ISO 14001
    AFNOR ENV/2001/16116e certification
    Building design and construction, civil engineering and engineered structures - work carried out on industrial, petrochemicals and nuclear power sites
    Structural works and general contracting for new-build and refurbishment projects 
  • Qualibat: 
    Certificate no. N633
    Qualifications 2113 - 1411 -1412 – 2121 – 3423 – 4112 – 4132 – 6112 - 7132
  • MASE/UIC and CEFRI certification of those companies operating on sensitive sites


Key figures

Revenue of €113 million in 2010



Valérie Lavediot
Communication officer


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