Spie SCGPM has been the Paris Region construction company of the Spie batignolles Group since 1987. Spie SCGPM operates in every sector of the construction industry, undertaking new-build and refurbishment projects, and contributing skills at every stage from design to handover. Residential developments are undertaken by its subsidiary company Outarex.

Our organisational structure

Spie SCGPM is structured into 2 operating divisions - IDF 1 and IDF 2 – and the subsidiary company Outarex. These three entities have their own sales departments, construction teams and pricing teams.
Major projects - whether Public-Private Partnerships, Design & Build or partnership-based - are managed by a dedicated department, which becomes involved early in the design stage. 
The company’s technical and structural works core business unit includes :
  • The Structural design office
  • The Methods department
  • The Purchasing and Consultancy departments 
  • Spie batignolles Matériel (shared with Spie batignolles TPCI)
The Quality, Safety & Environment department has two major responsibilities:
  • Implementing our Zero Accident policy
  • Ensuring compliance with our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications


Key figures

500 employees

Revenue of €200 million in 2010




Jean-François Botrel




Where to find us