Valérian, its subsidiary companies and affiliates are leading contractors in their specialist areas of expertise, which include excavation, drainage, roadways, mains services and pipelines. They work alongside public-sector and private-sector contracting bodies all over France providing design and construction services for road, motorway, rail, urban, airport and water management infrastructure projects.

Valérian is structured into an excavation core business and a pipelines, roadways and mains services core business:
  • Valérian (the excavation core business) bids for all types of major project and regional excavation works contract throughout France, and has all the resources required to provide project design and management services.

  • Socafl, Wattiez and Spie batignolles Pétavit (the piping, roadways and mains services core business) carry out all types of drainage, roadways, mains services and piping projects.


Key figures

1187 employees

Revenue of €211,5 million in 2010