Innovative in concept and constructed to meet sustainable development imperatives, Espaceo water parks are structured around 4 distinct functions: swimming, activities, balneotherapy and fitness.
Every water park is designed individually to address the challenges of your urban community, and to offer you all the benefits of a facility constructed to meet today's environmental imperatives, such as energy savings, low impact materials and seamless integration into the living environment.

Espaceo supports you at every stage in the water park development process by responding precisely to your financial, environmental and social requirements

  • Takeover and funding of the project, from project management to construction work, financial expenses, operating costs and maintenance costs
  • Design and development specific to each local authority by identifying the optimum solution in terms of functionality and style
  • Seamless integration into the urban landscape on the basis of sustainable development principles
  • Construction, including all administrative formalities, construction work and supervision, fitting-out and finishing, and commissioning the finished facility
  • Operation and maintenance

Our major subsidiary companies

Spie batignolles concessions

Spie batignolles concessions

Spie batignolles Concessions operates in two distinct areas of public service outsourcing: parking concessions through Autocité, and water park...

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