Our service package policy

As the outward expression of our methods and the way we do business, our commitment-based service packages bring together our specialist skills and expertise to meet your needs. They embody our commitment to working alongside you as part of ensuring the success of your projects and providing you with long-term support and assistance.
The wealth and diversity of our specialist skills allow us to offer you the full breadth of expertise available only to a global operator with capabilities that extend from public works, civil engineering and foundations to building construction, energy management, building completion, property development and public service outsourcing.
We work constantly to converge these areas of expertise to create innovative service packages designed to respond directly to your needs. These commitment-based service packages express the working methods and partnership principles specific to Spie batignolles. They allow us to work with you on creating economic, social and environmental value as part of all your projects.
In this way, they embody our twin goals:
  • Delivering your projects successfully as a partnership
  • Providing you with long-term support and assistance


These principles are enshrined in our three flagship brands:
  • Concertance®: our partnership-based project management service that begins at the design stage
  • Performance®: this package represents our commitment to delivering the highest level of project completion quality
  • Présance®: our local network for the maintenance and enhancement of your sites and buildings


The success of these pioneering brands has encouraged us to adopt a permanent policy of extending their underlying principles to every part of our business and every method of collaborative working, from design to construction, PPP partnership contracts and public service outsourcing contracts.
These innovative responses contribute to every stage in the lifecycle of your structures and buildings, from the upstream disciplines of project preparation, funding and design to the downstream phases of preventive maintenance, remedial maintenance and operation.
As part of our commitment to constant innovation, we continue to develop service packages designed to meet sustainable development challenges, such as environmental protection and energy performance. Consistent with our dedication to service, we give our commitment to achieving a genuine level of performance in the buildings and structures we create, especially in terms of energy consumption.