Our Présance® service package

In responding to your day-to-day needs, Présance® guarantees:
A dedicated point of contact to support and assist you all the way from the initial meeting to acceptance of work
Clear commitments
  • team availability and responsiveness
  • clear, detailed quotations
  • detailed schedules that commit the teams involved to meeting their deadlines
  • uncompromising compliance with quality, safety and environmental standards
  • coordination of selected, committed partners
A local network in which every team (all of whom are trained and accredited for working on sensitive and/or busy sites) have the authority to activate and provide all the skills and expertise of the Présance® network.
Our Présance® teams are highly experienced in addressing your sustainable development needs:
  • controlling environmental impacts 
  • delivering solutions and services to improve building energy performance
  • complying with building accessibility standards

Key figures

More than 1,000 customers have put their trust in our Présance® teams since 2003.
More than 3,000 projects and maintenance responses every year.
94% of customers say they are satisfied with the services we provide. (source: customer service survey conducted by Ducker)Pour vous répondre au quotidien, Présance® garantit :